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Upgrade your SSH keys!

Whether you're a software developer or a sysadmin, I bet you're using SSH keys. Pushing your commits to Github or managing your Unix systems, it's best practice to do this over SSH with public key authentication rather than passwords. However, as time flies, many of you are using older keys and not aware of the need to generate fresh ones to protect your privates much better. In this post I'll demonstrate how to transition to an Ed25519 key smoothly, why you would want this and show some tips and tricks on the way there.

ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift}

In this article I will introduce a new command line search tool, ripgrep, that combines the usability of The Silver Searcher (an ack clone) with the raw performance of GNU grep. ripgrep is fast, cross platform (with binaries available for Linux, Mac and Windows) and written in Rust.

Quick Tip: How to Remove Ugly Star Halo Color

Now that you’ve learned how to photograph the Milky Way, you may have noticed some nasty coloration around your stars. Resulting from close-but-not-quite-in-focus stars or shooting with a wide open aperture on a lens that isn’t perfect — star halos, chromatic aberration, or blooming can ruin an otherwise beautiful night-sky image. While looking through some of the photos from a recent trip to the beautiful dark skies of Namibia, I realized that shooting for 9-nights straight caused me to take a few shortcuts that bit me in the end. Some of my photos had ugly purple and blue rings around the stars! Luckily, fixing this problem with Lightroom or Photoshop is easy, and I’ll tell you about it here.

DetectX – sqwarq

The only troubleshooting app that runs on every version of OS X from 2011 to present (and we’ve even got a version for Snow Leopard, too!).

– Remove MacKeeper and other apps that can cause unexpected performance problems
– Detect Keyloggers and Adware
– Track changes to your system
– Show/Hide invisible files
– Stay safe: DetectX does not require Admin privileges to install or run

discovering how Dropbox hacks your mac |

Following my post revealing Dropbox’s Dirty Little Security Hack a few weeks ago, I thought I’d look deeper into how Dropbox was getting around Apple’s security.

After a little digging around in Apple’s vast documentation, it occurred to me to check the authorization database and see if that had been tampered with.

revealing Dropbox’s dirty little security hack

If you have Dropbox installed, take a look at System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility tab (see screenshot above). Notice something? Ever wondered how it got in there? Do you think you might have put that in there yourself after Dropbox asked you for permission to control the computer?

No, I can assure you that your memory isn’t faulty. You don’t remember doing that because Dropbox never presented this dialog to you, as it should have